Son of a Grate

Here is a screen grab of the file in Adobe Illustrator: Based on an antique victorian heating register, only really tiny. I took pictures of the actual register which belongs to my friend Tim Siftar from his old house in West Philadelphia, then I painstakingly traced the outlines using Adobe Illustrator to get something that […]

Angel Martian with Power Pack

Making the Angel Martian with Power Pack

I’m going to detail here my process for making some of my pieces. The Angel Martian started with a ballpoint pen sketch done on a scrap piece of paper that I took a picture of: This sketch was then edited in photoshop to make the background white and create a grayscale version which feeds into the shapeways […]

Welcome to the New

This is the new idenrosenthal.com. Made to reflect my now current work on art and creating physical objects out of my art. So far these are all pendants but earrings are soon to follow. All are created by 3D printing techniques.