I’m Iden Rosenthal and this is where I’ll be showcasing my work as a creator of designs and things that are interesting and/or good to look at as well as hold in your hands and turn over and feel the weight or lightness of. For starters there are a set of pendants I have designed and caused to exist. There is also a shopping cart and a way for you to procure said pieces for yourself, strung with appropriate chains and or cords and fasteners to hang them around your or someone else’s neck or some other creative place that you may deem fit.

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  1. Elana September 6, 2015 at 3:00 pm Permalink

    Hello, Honey. You’ve finally created a website of your own, wherein to showcase your creative talent and the objects you have been so fastidiously making… Mazaltov! Best wishes in your success with these artistic and interesting pieces you’ve made from your unique intelligence and style. Love from your wife, Elana

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